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The greatest treasure a person can find is the key to a life of significance filled with peace, joy, and contentment. Jesus called this "the abundant life", and claimed to have the key to it. He offers that key to anyone who wants it. GOD 101 examines Jesus' directions and explores their simplicity.

This simple booklet is an uncluttered map that will lead you to God. It cuts away useless traditions and acts that hinder you from having a personal "face-to-face" meeting with God.

You can know your Heavenly Father and experience his love here and now. Let God fulfill his promise of the abundant life by putting his Spirit into you in a dynamic way. Enjoy God's presence, his gift of faith, and assurance of eternal life without delay.

God 101, Book Version
This is a web-formatted book, good for reading online, especially for less-capable computers.

God 101, Single File Version
This version has the same text in one huge file, best for downloading and reading while not connected to the Internet.

God 101, Study Version
This is another web-formatted book, good for online study.

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Arabic: أنقــر هنا للترجمة الى العربية

Spanish: Apretar aquí para leer en Español

Foreign language translations are given by Judy C. Staley in memory of her husband, S. Skeen Staley.

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